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Functional neuronal circuits emerge in the absence of developmental activity

Publication (PDF)

Barabasi D, Schuhknecht G, & Engert F.

Nature Communications (2024)

Neural circuits underlying habituation of visually evoked escape behaviors in larval zebrafish

Publication (PDF)

Fotowat H & Engert F

Elife 2023

Visual object detection biases escape trajectories following acoustic startle in larval zebrafish

Publication (PDF)

Zwaka H, McGinnis OJ, Pflitsch P, Prabha S, Mansinghka V, Engert F, & Bolton AD.

Current Biology (2022)

Social isolation modulates appetite and avoidance behavior via a common oxytocinergic circuit in larval zebrafish

Publication (PDF)

Wee CL, Song E, Nikitchenko M, Herrera KJ, Wong S, Engert F, & Kunes S 

Nature Communications (2022)

Voltage imaging identifies spinal circuits that modulate locomotor adaptation in zebrafish

Publication (PDF)

Bohm UL, Kumra Y, Kawashima T, Ahrens MB, Higashijima SI, Engert F, & Cohen AE 

Neuron (2022)

Functional and ultrastructural analysis of reafferent mechanosensation in larval zebrafish. Current Biology.

Publication (PDF)

Odstrcil I, Petkova MD, Haesemeyer M, Boulanger-Weill J, Nikitchenko M, Gagnon JA, Oteiza P, Schalek R, Peleg A, Portugues R, Lichtman JW, Engert F (2021).

Precise visuomotor transformations underlying collective behavior in larval zebrafish. Nature Communications.

Publication (PDF)

Harpaz R, Nguyen MN, Bahl A, and Engert F. 2021.

Algorithms underlying flexible phototaxis in larval zebrafish. Journal of Experimental Biology.

Chen AB, Deb D, Bahl A, Engert F. 2021. 

Collective behavior emerges from genetically controlled simple behavioral motifs in zebrafish. Science Advances

Harpaz R, Aspiras AC, Chambule S, Tseng S, Bind M-A, Engert F, Fishman MC, Bahl A. 2021

Distributed chromatic processing at the interface between retina and brain in the larval zebrafish. Current Biology

Guggiana-Nilo DA, Riegler C, Hubener M, Engert F. 2021

Larval Zebrafish Use Olfactory Detection of Sodium and Chloride to Avoid Salt Water. Current Biology.

Herrera KJ, Panier T, Guggiana-Nilo D, & Engert F. 2020

Probabilistic models of larval zebrafish behavior reveal structure on many scales. Current Biology.

Johnson RE, Linderman S, Panier T, Wee CL, Song E, Herrera KJ, Miller A, & Engert F (2020)

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