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Group Meeting Schedule

Every Friday at 9 AM, the laboratory meets to discuss recent progress in BioLabs 2065. Breakfast is served and everyone is invited. The speaker list and schedule can be found in the links below:

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Summer internship program 

This research project is a collaboration between the Engert and Lichtman labs at Harvard, with a goal to produce the world’s first map of an intact vertebrate animal’s nervous system - a three-dimensional version of Google Maps, but for the brain of a larval zebrafish.

link to google sheet

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ZBrain 2.0


Here is the new and greatly improved version of the Z-BRAIN Atlas. This is under constant development in collaboration with Hans-Christian Hege and Sumit Vohra of the Zuse Institut in Berlin.

ZBrain 1.0

We have developed an open-source zebrafish atlas, the Z-BRAIN, which we intend to act as a neuroanatomical  reference for the entire zebrafish neuroscience community.

Site is now hosted by the Zuse Institut Berlin (ZIB)

link connects to:



We organize an annual meeting on circuits and behavior in Tuscany. Everyone is invited to attend. All relevant information can be found below:

(Note: The 2020 meeting has been cancelled)

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Run the Stairs

We run the stairs of the Widener Library every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7am. See image. It's good for you.

Rain or Shine. Everyone is welcome to join.

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The Mask Plank Society

We are on summer-break until September 15th
Stay tuned until the fall

We meet every day at 5pm (online - link below) for a communal plank challenge.

We have named our group the "Mask Plank Society" and our leader, Haleh Fotowat, is the Mask Plank Director.

Anyone is welcome to join.