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The Engert lab has a proud history of recruiting friends to field competitive teams in the Rhino League volleyball tournament held on the BioLabs courtyard. The lab has assembled championship teams in 2021 (Aquatic Army) and 2017 (Soft Serve) and have placed second in 2008, 2009, 2013, 2014, and 2019.

If high stakes competition isn't your thing, the lab has another team -the Engert A-team which plays in the recreational division. This team is exclusive to Engert lab members and all members are invited to play. 

run the stairs.jpg
florian stairs 2_edited.jpg

Stair Runs

We run the stairs of the Widener Library

Every Monday and Wednesday at 7am.

And the stairs of the Harvard Football stadium on Fridays at noon

(leave the lab at around 11:30).


See image. It's good for you.


Rain or Shine. Everyone is welcome to join.


Current record:

Moritz Stingl



Each year the lab makes a trip to New York City to watch and enjoy an Opera by the MET

(currently on hold)

plank challenge.jpg
The Mask Plank Society

We are on break until further notice
Stay tuned

We meet every day at 5pm (online - link below) for a communal plank challenge.

We have named our group the "Mask Plank Society" and our leader, Haleh Fotowat, is the Mask Plank Director.

Anyone is welcome to join.

banner photo credit: Zane Wolf (2021)

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